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Jonas Kroon
Rating: 9.99
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 1 May 2011
Genre: New Age
Country: Norway
Subgenre: Ethnic Fusion
Format: CD/Digipak
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 14
Cat No.: AR00061
Track List
1. Element - 3:23
2. Her Er Eg - 5:08
3. She - 1:25
4. The King - 4:18
5. Fakir Fusion - 4:33
6. Bello - 3:50
7. Zanzibar - 7:20
8. Highland - 3:40
9. Shaman - 4:32
10. Entrance - 3:54
11. At Last - 3:15
12. Into the Wild - 5:13
13. Her Again - 1:43
14. Her Er Eg (Xerxes Remix) - 5:20

Total CD/Digipak length: 57:34
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Jonas Kroon is a Norwegian composer creating cinematic music with a blend of world, electronic and orchestral elements. Melo is his debut album, and a gateway into a world of dramatic scenes, beautiful melodies and exotic vocals.
Sometimes, when you see a painting or hear a music album, we comment either that it had nice colors or sounded interesting. At other times you come to a simple conclusion "This is art". A masterpiece! This album is art, and is the first thought which comes to mind when describing Jonas Kroon's creation “Melo".

"Melo" is wonderfully light and highly spiritual. It really does justice to the World Music idea by incorporating folk sounds into a very upbeat sound. There is an element of traditional music from different continents, which turns into a trademark of Jonas Kroon, a blending of old/forgotten and new/innovative. What helps is the influence of the folk sounds adds naturally to the dance flavor of the CD, rather than being forced.

What is fantastic about "Melo" is the incredible attention to detail. There are many tracks of sound throughout, including dazzling arrays of complimentary keyboard work, deliciously intricate percussion, and expertly weaved vocal lines.

Jonas Kroon is one of the rare music artists, which blend world music in a harmonious and coherent style. The entire CD is a great way to escape to the "jungles of the imagination."
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
Beautiful music from a talented musician
Jonas Kroon gave an astonishing performance in his album "Melo". All tracks in this CD are amazing. I love the music when I first heard it from an album review site. Each piece begins with a fascinating beat or a solo instrumental sound. The theme will then be developed and you got to keep the music in your mind. Backing vocals were added to his music. And, it is just a perfect match. My favourite track is "At Last". I just get a sense of power when I listen to it. I continue to play this song over and over again. It just keeps inspiring me. I can play this CD at home, in my car, at a music lounge, or anywhere I want. The music creates the atmosphere of mysterious, hope, and strength. You got to love
Author: royalpears
13 July 2011 03:40

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