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Not Blond Enough To Survyve The Holocaust
Rating: 9.99
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 26 April 2010
Genre: Metal
Country: Bulgaria
Subgenre: Neo Metal
Format: CD/Digipak
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 14
Cat No.: AR00045
Track List
1. Attack Of The Dirty Grooves - 1:05
2. Suffer My Justice - 5:09
3. Rolling Spawns - 4:11
4. Devil In These Guys - 4:48
5. This Time - 2:47
6. Q-Tech - 3:26
7. Finished - 4:09
8. Beefinger - 4:40
9. Scourge Of God - 5:06
10. Techno_D - 4:04
11. Long John - 4:20
12. 40 Years In The Desert - 4:12
13. Bonus Track - 4:53
14. -

Total CD/Digipak length: 52:50
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Fyeld managed to get a solid following among the open minded metal fans with their categorization defying mixture of aggressive Machine Head/Slipknot/Downset-esque singing and rapping-meets-hard-hitting-riffs closest to the style of early Korn and Helmet mixed with groovy big beats electronics and uncompromising attitude.
Developing their own and unique style they call "dirty grooves" through years of touring the Bulgarian/Finnish five-piece released two albums so far - "Fyeld" (2003) and "Not Blond Enough to Survyve the Holocaust" (2009) which were set to extend the boundaries of modern metal with an innovative approach mixed with their live gigs adrenaline. As one of the premier bulgarian metal live acts they also managed to secure themselves support slots with numerous "big league" names like Halford, Slayer, Guano Apes, Anthrax, Crematory and Evergrey. Fyeld's second album "Not Blond Enough To Survyve The Holocaust" was voted "Best bulgarian album" in the beginning of 2010 in the annual reader's poll of the country's biggest metal magazine "Pro-rock". The band has numerous number 1's with the songs "40 Years In The Desert", "I Scream" and "Rolling Spawns" in rock radio stations in Bulgaria.
The quintet is currently recording songs for their third album "In Dependence Day".
Fyeld established themselves as the most successful and hardest touring modern metal band in Bulgaria in the past 7 years. With close to 150 concerts in Bulgaria and Romania they managed to get a solid following among the open minded metal fans and shifted almost all 3000 copies of their first album "Fyeld" (2003). Now they are back with their newest release
"Not Blond Enough To Survyve The Holocaust", which is so creative and so different from the nu-metal genre, shedding away the hard-to-digest rapping in lieu for more melodic vocal melodies (which is something this album is exceedingly good for). It scraps rapping and screaming, settling on a much more effective use of melody. Combined with a perhaps simplified but still effective and primal guitar attack, these melodies make "Not Blond Enough To Survyve The Holocaust" one of the most dynamic and dramatic rock releases in AMAdea Records history.

"Not Blond Enough To Survyve The Holocaust" has proven that the musical arsenal that is Fyeld, still has the ability to get under your skin and keep you thinking well after you turn off your cd player.

"Not Blond Enough To Survyve The Holocaust" is almost hauntingly vampy.
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
Andrew Hawnt Review
The crushing thing about this album is that it's great, but it's also harking back to an era that is all too fresh in the minds of music fans around the world. Once we've all got over the shame of the dalliances that many of us had with nu-metal, these guys are going to get a heck of a lot more interest. Still, they do what they do very well. - ANDREW HAWNT
Author: amadea
3 September 2010 15:44

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