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Gravity Co.
Rating: 0.00
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 23 June 2008
Genre: Electronic
Country: Bulgaria
Subgenre: Electronica
Format: CD-R watershield/CD Box
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 10
Cat No.: AR00005
Track List
1. Time - 4:51
2. Away - 3:27
3. Keep It - 4:39
4. Mr. No One - 4:18
5. E-O - 4:11
6. Chameleon - 3:31
7. Ain't No Sunshine - 3:26
8. Terra Trance - 4:32
9. Step In" (Low-fi Terramix) - 4:31
10. The View - 3:39

Total CD-R watershield/CD Box length: 41:05
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Founded in 2001, Gravity Co. started out as a side project, working on the soundtrack to the computer game Trans, side project turned to full-time and they haven't looked back since.

In early 2002 Gravity Co. made their debut, releasing their first single 'Away' accompanied by an art-school style video directed by Gravity Co.'s Producer Georgi Stanev. The bands first try topped MM TV's (Bulgaria's most popular music television) International Airplay Chart, holding on to the #1 spot for three consecutive weeks. 'Away' would later be included in NovaXposure - the monthly compilation released by Radio Ventures with songs by Elton John, Sarah Connor, Alcazar and others.

Gravity's second single 'Mr. No One' would set the critics straight, as to the bands potential, taking a play-list space in BMG's official weekly video compilation, alongside Carlos Santana and Christina Aguilera.

The band stretched the boundaries further when Bill Withers granted official permission to record and release a cover version of his all time classic Ain't No Sunshine.

'Away', 'Mr. No One' and 'Ain't No Sunshine' all made the cut for Gravity Co.'s highly anticipated debut album'U' released December 13th 2002. Gravity, have since been identified by an original electro pop sound, with warm vocal melodies over pumping electro beats.

An instant success, 'U' brought home the first music awards - 'Best Debut' and 'Best Pop/Dance Album', from MM TV's annual awards (the Bulgarian equivalent of the Brits).

Having released two celebrated albums, known for their engaging stage antics - performing full capacity venues and supporting the likes of the Stereo MC's, Fun Lovin' Criminals and more recently Ladytron - Gravity Co. teamed up with a wide range of popular Bulgarian DJ's to remix some of the band's hits.
The debut album 'U' by the most successive Bulgarian's band Gravity Co. is from those releases that on the first listen, you knew something amazing was happening but didn't quite grasp it. By the second listen, you are hooked. By the third, fourth, and fifth listens, you realized you had stumbled upon a rare gem. The album range somewhere, between pop and electronic music with eminent contemporary elements, which sometimes even goes beyond the expectations. But to those with patience and an ear for the sublime, this will become one of the most rewarding and satisfying electronica albums of the decade. The sheer talent in this record is staggeringly high. Not only these guys have reached a new tier of studio production and aesthetic precision, but on top of that, the vocals are truly incredible. More importantly, it's noticeable in the sequencing and mastering of each perfectly-layered sound. Listen on a solid, high-end system, and all the textures will open up and dance across the room in perfect balance. 'U' has achieved a new level of greatness and this is easily some of the best music albums you could have in your collection.
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
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