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Labyrinths Of The Soul
Rating: 9.33
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 11 January 2010
Genre: Rock
Country: Slovenia
Subgenre: Instrumental Rock
Format: CD-R watershield/CD Box
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 13
Cat No.: AR00041
Track List
1. Early Frost - 5:25
2. Comfortable In Hell - 3:55
3. Tharn - 2:54
4. Fear The Fear - 3:54
5. Burden - 4:17
6. Nameless God - 1:57
7. Tensions - 3:17
8. Pawns Of God - 5:23
9. Determination - 5:09
10. Acceptance - 4:08
11. Residual Madness - 4:16
12. Arise - 3:50
13. Never Again - 6:49

Total CD-R watershield/CD Box length: 55:14
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Metal never sounded so malleable, jazz never kicked so hard, rock was never so fragile ...
LaughingSkull negotiates labyrinths of his soul with melodic and emotional storytelling, exploring darkness and despair, madness and fear, hope and deliverance, through his unique fusion of instrumental goth/doom metal and progressive rock, with occasional fusion excursion. Fresh, powerful and sincere.
The short description of this album would be that it's one of the promising guitar-focused albums that feature cool bass work and powerful drumming. The music explores and endless terrain of guitar emotions and the compositions are extremely full. It's a great culmination of a decade that pushed the limits of guitar. Be prepared this album isn't a metal music, it's a guitar album with a wide range of effects and sounds that are radiant to the ears. Songs like "Early Frost", "Comfortable in Hell", "Burden", "Residual Madness" and "Never Again" are great fairly straight forward rock masterpieces that have that Steve Vai touch.

The songs are ordered quite well and this makes the album quite nice to listen to all the way through. It's hard to pick a favorite song. "Never Again" is our choice because it showcases his distinctive sound.

Any guitar connoisseur owes it to themselves to check this album out and you'll be amazed that there was work like this that you didn't know about. We HIGHLY recommend "Labyrinths Of The Soul" for any fan of rock, metal, blues, psychedelic, jazz, or simply put the GUITAR. GET IT NOW!!!
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
"�Labyrinths Of The Soul’ is one of those records a guitar freak will love for sure and a little STEVE VAI can clearly be heard in here. Not a groundbreaking instrumental CD, but still definitely one to check out if you’re a fan of this genre."
Author: sgermanov
17 September 2010 13:00

MUZIKUS.BG - Dimitar Blagoev
The album offers something for everyone. In it can be heard heavy gothic guitar riffs and dramatic melodies, jazz chord progressions and funky rhythms as well as mystical ballads. Cleverly selected guitar effects contribute to the overall sound of the album. The entire compilation is proof that when someone wants to express his ideas, his art can be the best assistant. And that the professional is not determined by the diploma, but the desire ,persistence and endurance invested to achieve the desired results. "Labyrinths of the Soul" is definitely an album that deserves to be heard by hunters of new musical experiences. Real hit in the AMAdea Records catalog.
Author: amadea
17 May 2010 17:08

At Last!!!
This CD will indeed be a prized posession. Thank you Laughing Skull and AMA!
Author: vmpusa
8 January 2010 15:33

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