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Rating: 9.99
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 13 October 2009
Genre: Dance
Country: Germany
Subgenre: Trance
Format: CD-R watershield/CD Box
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 13
Cat No.: AR00036
Track List
1. Mojave Mystery - 2:58
2. Into the Distance - 5:33
3. The Way - 4:39
4. Skylines - 4:03
5. Pacific Coast Highway - 4:10
6. Vanishing Blue - 8:18
7. Atlantique - 4:31
8. Sunstrike - 4:18
9. Summer in New England - 3:46
10. Above Grand Cayman - 6:14
11. Voyager - 3:45
12. Under the Velvet Sun - 4:22
13. Sunset Destination - 5:18

Total CD-R watershield/CD Box length: 61:55
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Daybreak is the second CD of Tigerforest aka german composer Gunnar Spardel which was created from 2007 to 2009 in the USA and Europe. It is the follow up to the succesful debut CD "The Sound of Life". The main idea of the album is to explore the living world and discover how our evolving understanding of natural processes has influenced the idea of music. This album is a very intimate work and Gunnar's most personal statement to date. The music suggests to find refuge in the real world and in fantasy. The album is full of audiovisual fluorescent sunsets and afternoon silences, with sounds that caress and balm the spirit.

Dreamy melodic synthesizer sounds and hypnoticpearling sequences invite the listener to drift away into a global journey. Grand pianos, austere digital synths and subtle percussive shadings complete the feeling of an exciting journey into a daybreak.

"Our senses are permanently overloaded with noise, advertisement, news and hectic. To find new energy, we need a refuge and take a break. Not only in the real world, but also in our fantasy."
Tigerforest stands out of other trance acts in style and originality. His creation is evolving as one of the more progressive sounds of dance music today. A cool combination of hypnotic break beats, straight forward trance dance and dreamy soundscapes - these are just the few words, that we can use to describe his new title "Daybreak", which displays an ambient, otherworldly vibe, allowing the listener to latch on to his groove and ride it home. The tunes are smooth as silk and you simply glide from one to the next. The whole album takes you on a musical journey. It's a great source of inspiration. It starts off soft and dreamy, slow, then builds and gets to faster trancey music. The transition is done so well that it's very easy to listen to, even if you're not in the mood for fast music. It's so powerful it drenches you with emotion and carries you away from whatever you were feeling before.

"Daybreak" is one of those serendipitous finds. If you've never listened to any ambient music before, take a gamble on this CD. A must have. If you can hunt this disc down, do it. You will be glad you did.
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
Matt Howarth, SONIC CURIOSITY Review
Dreamy electronics are seasoned by percussion and lilting lyrics, achieving melodies that instill a hopeful respect for nature. While atmospheric textures establish an airy disposition, the gist of the electronics are derived from keyboards that produce shimmering waves of tender chords. Guitars and soft drumming flesh out the sound into a delicate and holistic resonance. Periodic appearances by guitars and synthesized strings lend a spry kick to the melodies, while traditional piano generates a cerebral reverence to some songs. The percussion is snappy yet hardly overt. The rhythms slide into a nice groove with the ongoing harmonics, creating suitably bouncy locomotion. The female vocals serve to impress a yearning spirit to the tunes. The lyrics convey optimistic sentiments which celebrate bonds between people and their environment. Sometimes the singers abandon organized lyrics and explore a realm of heavenly chorales.
Author: amadea
11 June 2010 14:18

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