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What It is to Love
Painted Water
Rating: 0.00
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 20 February 2009
Genre: Easy listening
Country: United States
Subgenre: Mood Music
Format: CD-R watershield/CD Box
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 16
Cat No.: AR00017
Track List
1. What it is to love - 2:29
2. What it is to feel - 3:33
3. Stream - 5:02
4. Shadow of the heart - 5:28
5. Dawn of spring - 4:50
6. Forgiveness - 3:14
7. A gentle touch - 2:43
8. Gone - 3:35
9. Rainy Season - 3:09
10. One way love - 5:10
11. Journey of the soul - 5:33
12. Lost in time - 4:56
13. Past the rain shadow - 3:50
14. Rising winds - 4:30
15. Shadow through light - 5:49
16. Losing her - 2:34

Total CD-R watershield/CD Box length: 66:25
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Ian Henderson is a musician and artist who publishes under the name "Painted Water". Ian was born in Logan Utah. When he was three his family moved to Olympia Washington. His parents introduced him to their antique upright piano when he was five years old, and his love for the piano began. When he was ten his parents separated and he moved to Seattle, Washington with his mother and away from the piano. The next year he was given his first keyboard and he began to compose his first melodies. When he was 14 he moved back in with his dad and was reunited with the piano. In the years that followed he continued to create music on the piano. In early 2000 he got his first Roland synthesizer and began exploring different world music themes. In the ensuing years he has expanded his repertoire and produced sixteen CDs. In 2005 his mother gifted him his very own piano. Painted Water's music can best be described as melodic, emotional, and varied. Ian's other passion is fine art. Since he was old enough to hold a pencil he was drawing mountains and nature landscapes. His band name is derived from his love of painting. All cover art is from his original paintings. The painting on the cover of "What it Is to Love" was inspired by a trip he took with his girlfriend at the time to the Olympic Rain Forest in Washington State. His most recent exciting challenge was scoring the soundtrack for the animation short "Patch" by William Sikora III, which he had only one day to do before it was to be released.
"What It is to Love", the newest release from Painted Water encompasses all that we value and love from New Age music - masterful juxtaposition of original music with the beautiful cover art. The entire record is consistent, mature, nuanced, lovingly crafted, expertly produced and what is mostly important a bearer of the whole palette of human emotions. Each song express unique sentiment, which lead to uplifting dramatic inspiration.

If you need a bit of mental and physical time out, and a relief from the stress of life, sit take a deep breath and put on the Painted Water's CD and relax and listen......very calming and very easy to get lost in the melody and ride with the ocean of emotions at least mentally and in spirit!
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
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