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Rating: 9.00
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 3 September 2008
Genre: New Age
Country: United States
Subgenre: New Age Ambient
Format: CD-R watershield/CD Box
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 14
Cat No.: AR00009
Track List
1. Desir D'Amour - 5:02
2. Blood From A Rose - 5:05
3. Eternal Beauty - 4:34
4. That Loving Feeling - 5:03
5. I Let You Go - 5:43
6. Entre Ciel Et Mer - 4:29
7. Far Away From You - 5:03
8. Tender Abandon - 2:36
9. Secret Surrender - 4:32
10. Stay - 5:34
11. Into The Blue - 3:43
12. Wandering Flame - 5:46
13. Always Running - 6:34
14. I Remember - 5:24

Total CD-R watershield/CD Box length: 69:08
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For over a decade, I repressed this burning longing to express myself through vocal art. In trusting and carefully listening to my heart, I have finally decided to let people hear this ethereal gift that has been granted to me. Usually of a shy, cautious and reserved nature, I somehow found the strength to share a little bit of myself through my voice and the lyrics I write. When I sing, I just close my eyes and I whisper to the universe, hoping it hears my silent cries, love and dreams. Secretely, I hope that the softness of my voice can soothe a wounded soul. There is this veiled light inside of me, I speak it through my voice, it is my mission to share the beauty and the truth that are vibrating deep within each breath.

Loving who you are with all that has been given and taken away from you can really empower your being to greater things. Things that cannot be seen with your eyes, but only through the eyes of your heart: The heartbeat of life.

After being adrift for what it seems like an eternity , I finally feel at home within my own heart...
Every sequel brings a new set of challenges, as the expectations of the audience grow and shift constantly. This certainly is no exception for Amethyste's second release titled "Shimmer" which is a complementary addition to her debut album "Ethereal" soundwise. The music itself contains more dramatic moods and sound changes that will carry your mind into a world of mystery, relaxation and desire conveyed through smart and innovative measures securing once again, their distinctive style of music. All of this couldn't have been possible without the involvement of the magnificent composer Gunnar Spardel through each one of Amethyste's projects. Listening to "Shimmer" is like to lie in the dark and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature, sultry vocals and deep pulsating musical elements. This album will send you off searching for more delight and magic: You'll feel this sense of greatness within yourself. Isn't what music is all about?
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
"Additional effects like splash of waves and wails of flying seagulls and saddleback, that fully develop the idea of fascinating (almost amorous) magic of the album. The entire album "Shimmer" sounds like beautiful and very rich in emotiorichns and feelings book, which is closed by the soothing ballad "I Remember". This track conclusively takes us "under the sheltering wing", and perhaps indeed gives us wings, which we can freely name - "Wings of Love". Having all this in our imagination, we can easily fly away, after several listenings of the album. "I Remember" can trully inspire you to kiss your beloved." - Ivan Apostolov, MUZIKUS.BG
Author: amadea
21 May 2010 16:29

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