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About Shipping
Please note that our shipping information does not indicate when items will arrive at their final destination - only when items are expected to be packed and ready to leave our warehouse.

After you have placed your order, you will receive an email containing your order summary. After we receive your payment, another email will be sent to you with the dates we expect your CD(s) to be packed and ready for shipment. Once your order is ready to leave our warehouse, we will send you an email confirming that it is ready to ship.

All orders are manufactured within 48 hours of receipt and placed in the mail on the next working day.

Not all warehouses operated by AMAdea Records, our affiliates, or our third-party suppliers are open 24 hours, 7 days a week throughout the year. Since our CDs can ship from different warehouses, the time and day that you place your order may affect when your order is ready to ship. For example, an order placed Saturday afternoon may not ship until Monday morning.

International: Delivery Time
We usually ship within 24 hours, after the product is manufactured. International orders depend on which shipment type is selected - Regular or Priority airmail. Delivery times depend on which country one resides, so we can't give an estimate of delivery time. The rule of thumb is that if you live in Europe, it can takes a week or two, depend on shipment type. If you live in Australia, it takes about three weeks or more, depend on shipment type. No matter where you live, you should receive your order within a month. Covers all locations not served by Domestic.

Domestic: Delivery Time
We usually ship within 24 hours, after the product is manufactured. Domestic orders takes up to 3 days from the moment of shipping. Covers all domestic locations.

AMAdea Records allows customers to pre-order CDs that has not yet been released by our record label or our suppliers, which include other record label and distributors. The release date indicates the date the product is scheduled to be available for shipment. Release dates are subject to change.
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