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Spiritual Evolution
Bryan EL
Rating: 9.99
One man's personal dream of a world symphony has become a reality by the release of his second album through the AMAdea Records label based in Bulgaria. There are around 6.7 Billion people living on our planet according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimate and one person from the multitudes has now begun counting a large number of people to his quickly multiplying fan...   read all
Release date: 16.01.2010 Genre: Electronic Label: AMAdea Records
Out of This World
Bryan EL
Rating: 0.00
Born in West-Flanders, Belgium, Bryan had a passion for music ever since he was a kid. A few of Bryan's biggest influences are Delerium, Vangelis, Sleepthief, Amethystium, Jean Michel Jarre, Ryan Farish and ERA. Through them Bryan discovered the relaxing side of music and started experimenting with electronic music. A nice example would be his track "Solaris" wich...   read all
Release date: 04.03.2008 Genre: Electronic Label: AMAdea Records
Essence Of Life
Bryan EL
Rating: 0.00
Let Bryan's fourth album take you on a cosmic journey that will lift you to a higher state of being. Let it touch your heart with it's uplifting and dramatic melodies. This album is meant to inspire those in need of inspiration and revive their mind, body and soul. Lay down, relax and experience a wide range of emotions which ultimately form the "Essence Of Life".   read all
Release date: 27.04.2015 Genre: Electronic Label: AMAdea Records
Boundaries Of Imagination
Bryan EL
Rating: 0.00
“Boundaries Of Imagination” deliver mellow music that is very calming and easy to listen to, but it is by no means boring. It stimulates the emotions and can be downright uplifting at times. Consider it a tranquil tonic for today's busy stressful world. There is a delightful air of mystery and appealing shade about the whole album - very tasteful and stirring to the...   read all
Release date: 13.06.2012 Genre: Electronic Label: AMAdea Records
Forever With You
Painted Water
Rating: 0.00
'Forever With You' is dedicated to my loving wife, who is a great source of inspiration and support.   read all
Release date: 30.11.2018 Genre: New Age Label: AMAdea Records
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